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Fifth round of improvements in 2.x series

This release brings in major improvements in reporting component. Online reports are now more interactive and integrated into other parts of the system, there are context actions available for each node. On top of that there is a simple feedback button available for each address in each report section, so that users may provide their feedback more comfortably. System Mentat is now capable of enriching displayed information with data from third party services like DNS, PassiveDNS, NERD, WHOIS and GeoIP. There is a new module available currently for system administrators that attempts to display all available information for single IP address. Group membership management was simplified to enable group managers to more easily add or remove members and even activate new user accounts. Additionally we have also managed to squash quite a few bugs.

It is also worth noting, that this version also attempts to speed up the database searching by using aggregated IP ranges to narrow down the number of searched rows even more.

Please visit our ticket tracking system for more in-depth information about this release: