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Sixth round of improvements in 2.x series

This release brings in further improvements to our reporting component.
Reports are now templated according to the classification of each
reported event to provide recipients with most important information
relevant to that event class. This new feature is fully configurable for
administrators of Mentat system, soon user manual will be provided.

Additionally lot of work went into database optimizations. First the
PostgreSQL was upgraded to latest version 12. Next we have increased the
amount of possible paralel queries by separating stored IDEA BSON to
different table. We have implemented basic DoS prevention mechanism by
limiting number of queries each user may execute at any given time. We
have also increased the speed in which IDEA events are stored into
database by using bulk inserts.

The MaxMind IP geolocation service recently changed its policies for
accessing their free databases, so we have addressed this issue as well
as the change with access policies to CESNET PassiveDNS service.

Full list of resolved issues can be found in our ticket tracking system: