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Ninth round of improvements in 2.X series

This version brings redesign of groups and networks and more granular possibilities of reporting. Network ranges or the networks can overlap (thus report can be delivered to multiple groups), groups can have reporting priority and specify the least severity to be reported to them.

We have removed the possibility of sending original Idea data as attachments in reports, as this nowadays brings nontrivial delivery problems (too big messages, messages marked as spam). Original data are available at dedicated URLs to download. We have also removed some unused reporting settings.

Report detail now also correctly shows IPv6 addresses and real target emails (where it was actually sent to).

We have fixed a lot of issues concerning daemon start and run, database usage, web validation, Jinja 3 compatibility and others.

There is also preliminary work on support for simplified development workflow with Vagrant virtual machines.

Mentat is now ready for PostgreSQL 14.

Please visit our ticket tracking system for more in-depth information about this release: